$0 Unlimited Mobile Plan📱

Since getting divorced and reading Early Retirement Extreme, I’ve been on a quest to slash my bills to the bare minimum.

If you’ve ever wanted to pay 0100 a year for a mobile plan, now’s your chance.

I stumbled onto Helium, who offers an unlimited plan1 for $5 a month to Miami residents and I wanted to see if it was possible to get, regardless of location.

To get free service, you can download their app and keep location tracking on to help create their coverage map, where you’ll earn credits to cover the bill. I’m sure there’s many privacy implications with this, so either do it or pay the $5/month, instead.

Requirements & Options


Using A Low-Cost Carrier

As discussed above, if your current mobile plan is more than $5 a month, you should consider porting your current number to a low-cost carrier. We’re going to be decoupling calls and texts from data so you can save money and have options if Helium ever stops working.

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  1. Unlimited talk, text and 30GB of 5G data on the T-Mobile network. After 30GB, you’ll be throttled down to 2G speeds until your next billing cycle. I’ve seen reports of users hitting 50GB of data before getting throttled, so YMMV.

  2. If that were to happen, you can easily move to another low-cost provider and use them for the data portion of your setup.